Low Carb by L.J.
Low Carb by L.J.
Teaching cancer patients how to elevate their quality of life through implementing a low-carb, ketogenic diet.

WElcome to low carb by l.j.

 elevate your life by

adopting low-carb.

I am a SoCal Keto R.D.N. on a mission to make Low-Carb diets easy for all, even the busiest of people! The ketogenic diet is much more than just meats, butter and cheese. It is my mission to show you all that Keto can be prepared healthily with good planning and knowledge! Through my background and training as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist coupled with my zeal for research, I am here to show you the breakdown of the science behind ketogenic diet while offering healthful, simple, recipes to easily integrate into your busy lifestyle. 

My mission

to spread evidence-based, scientific knowledge on the ketogenic diet. my mission is to make the diet easy, APPROACHABLE and share my homemade recipes that are easy and fun to prepare